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Proposal Structuring Phase

  • Validating of the Project main subject
  • Defining the R&D main objectives
  • Planning and recruiting the adequate consortium
  • Validating consortium partners' scientific contribution
  • Coordinating the proposal structure
  • Leading the following proposal parts:
    • Consortium description
    • Mobilization of resources
    • Socio-economic impact on Europe
    • Management of the project

Negotiation Phase

After the proposal is accepted for funding OSM will be leading the Contract Negotiation.
This phase includes:

  • Editing the proposal into the format required by the EC to be part of the contract with the EC as per the evaluation remarks and negotiation guidelines.
  • Coordination, verification and finalization of the CPF (Contract Negotiation Forms) by collecting and verifying partners' inputs.
  • Coordinating, veryfying and delivering to the EC partners' financial documents.
  • Coordinating, verifying and delivering to the EC partners' legal documents.

Project Management

With the 6th/7th Framework Programme the demands of the EU Commission on project management have risen dramatically, especially due to greater personal responsibility and flexibility of the consortia concerning financial and organisatorial matters.

During the implementation of the project OSM will manage the consortium to lead it to a final technological success.
This activity will include:

  • Establishing and finalizing the Consortium Agreement
  • Management and submission of periodical reports (Deliverables and Milestones)
  • Financial management
  • Responsibility of periodical reports (Activity and Management)·
  • Supporting the coordinator to prepare the technical reviews.
  • Supporting the Coordinator in the contract with the Project Officer and the Financial Officer in Brussels.

Training Education and Dissemination Activities

The company can lead the training education and dissemination activities:

  • Organizing workshops
  • Establishing International Scientific and Industrial Forums
  • Activities to support SMEs
  • Gender issues