OSM-DAN is a research and business development company – the door for Israeli and European industries and R&D institutes to obtain funding for their upcoming innovations in state of the art technologies.

The European Framework Programs are the main source for these funding, as well as bi-national cooperative agreements between Israel and European countries.

The main activities of the company are: project validation and set-up, organization of suitable consortium and proposal submission to the European Commission; leading the negotiation phase; project management; leading the training education and dissemination activities.

Customers quotes:

" ...I never had such an experience before, that without much discussion you organized such a great proposal. Amazing." Dr. Jacques Vervoort, Biqualys, The Netherlands

“…it was a wonderful experience – especially working with such dedicated and professional team from Israel” Roman A. Tolic - TOLIKAS Media Company, Wien, Austria

“Congratulation on a great job, Thank you for your efforts and guidance… We look forward to working with you and the team on this project and others to follow” Ronny, Hagit, Oded and CollPLant team

“The project shows a tremendous work has been done. So it is really good news it passed all barriers and thresholds” Witold Lojkowski - Institute of High Pressure Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences

“It was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for your patience, endless will to help and professional work” Prof. Rivka Inzelberg, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer

“…Thank you especially for this great job from all your team. We have read with great attention this nice project; it was very well presented, well documented, with great partners, etc…” Ming Wei, PhD, CEO - Cellvax, France

“I am absolutely impressed by the final proposal, and how good it looks like, excellent job! I am sure it will be successful. Congratulations to everybody Dr. Ibon Odriozola, CIDETEC, Spain

”Thanks for your efforts writing such a wonderful proposal; the project looks great and it is one of the best proposals I have ever seen” Dr Ernest Mendoza, Institut Catala de Nanotechnologia, Spain

“Thanks for the great job… It came out as good as it can be… It was a wonderful experience working with you and your team…If I would have been the reviewer of this proposal I would fund it immediately” Prof. Yosi Shacham-Diamand, Tel Aviv University, Israel"

    "Yeah. David. 1000000000x thanks. This is not our last collaboration if it is up to me."  Dr. Mark Roest, Avant-Medical@, The Netherlands